Geographic location and relief

        Kyiv is located in northern Ukraine in the middle reaches of the Dnipro, on the edge of forest and forest-steppe physiographic zones. Dnipro divides the city in half. The northern part of Kyiv right bank is situated on Poliska lowland, southern right bank – on Prydniprovska Hill, and represents high plateau-like plain, dissected by ravines, gorges and valleys of small rivers.

        Here relative height is 100-150 m. The distinctive features of right bank relief are the mountains-residuals (Starokyivska, Shchekavytsia, Khorevytsia, Lysa, Chorna, Batyieva) and ravines (Babyn, Protasiv, Kmytiv, Smorodynskyi etc.).


        Left bank of the city lies on the Prydniprovska lowland. This is a terrace, weakly dissected plain with heights up to 35 m.