The central streets of the city will become pedestrian




The main administration department on preparation and holding of final part of the European Football Championship 2012, part of Kyiv municipal state administration, worked out the project of fan-zones for the fans who will not be able to get on National sports complex "Olimpiiskyi" where matches will be held, in accordance with the requirements of UEFA.

The fan zone will be located on Khreshchatyk street (the segment from Instytutska street to Тarasa Shevchenka boulevard), with the general square of about 51 000 sq. m, designed for about 70 000 fans. With the purpose of creation of safe terms of motion of fans and transport vehicles round the stadium, the introduction of transport perimeter which provides the restriction (closing) of following streets is planned:

Velyka Vasylkivska (Chervonoarmiiska) street on the segment from Dymytrova street to Тarasa Shevchenka boulevard;

Zhylianska street on the segment from Antonovycha (Horkoho) street of to Shota Rustaveli street;

Saksahanskoho street on the segment from Velyka Vasylkivska (Chervonoarmiiska) street to Esplanadna street;

Shota Rustaveli street; Esplanadna street; Rohnidynska street;

Khreshchatyk street (the segment from Instytutska street to Тarasa Shevchenka boulevard);

Bessarabska square;

Skoropadskoho street;

Lesi Ukrainky boulevard on the segment from Baseina street to Shchorsa lane);

Hospitalnyi lane, Hospitalna street;

Laboratornyi lane (on the segment from Litnia street to Federation of football of Ukraine).


In accordance with the fan-zone and transport perimeter, the Main administration on preparation and holding the final part of European football championship 2012 of Kyiv municipal state administration worked out the schemes of detour and zone of limitation of transport motion in days of the matches and days free of matches.


On the days free of matches, an official fan-zone will be open on Khreshchatyk street on the segment from Instytutska street to Тarasa Shevchenka boulevard. The traffic will not be allowed here from 20.05.2012 to 06.07.2012. The matches will be held in other cities of Ukraine (except Kyiv), namely on 9, 13, 17, 23, 27 of June, 2012, and also in Poland – on 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 22 and 28 of June, 2012.

In the day of the match the transport perimeter round the stadium will be united with the perimeter of fan zone and will be limited by the streets: Khreshchatyk street (the segment from Instytutska street to Тarasa Shevchenka boulevard), Chervonoarmiiska street, Dymytrova street, Anri Barbiusa street, Laboratornyi lane, Lesi Ukrainky boulevard, Baseina street, Bessarabska square. The traffic in the perimeter will be limited from 00.00 o'clock of the match day.


It is also planned that the metro stations “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”, “Teatralna”, “Khreshchatyk”, located near the fan-zone, will be open in the ordinary mode. However the entrance on the indicated stations will be limited (will be ceased) after completion of the match and other events, and also in the case of abnormal situations.