• This company is the world leader in industry of fast-food, with over 60 million visitors daily.

    The first McDonald's in Ukraine was open on May 24, 1997 near metro station “Lukianivska” in Kyiv. Today in the capital there are 25 restaurants, located in the crowded places, which are easily to notice due to brand design.

    Today there are over 70 dishes (sandwiches, French fries, salads, ice cream, desserts, drinks etc) in the menu of McDonald's. The menu includes the beef, fish, chicken, fresh vegetables, eggs, pork, dairies and bakery dishes. In addition, the menu is constantly filled up by different novelties and interesting suggestions.

    One of pluses of McDonald's is rapid service. And for those, who want to get a meal, not coming out from the car, there is McDrive service. The special menu and different entertaining programs are offered for children.

    In McDonald's smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is not allowed. Usually the restaurants of this brand are open daily since 6 to 24 o’clock.