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Architectural Monuments of Pechersk

  • Arsenal Plant

    Workers of this oldest plant (founded in 1764) were always the initiators of the social and revolutionary action against tsarism.

  • Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

    It is located in a renaissance mansion (architect V. Nikolaiev, 1891) the facade of which is decorated by the traditional molded military symbolic: armours, helmets, weapon and chaplets of heroes.

  • House of Government of Ukraine

    This house was erected in 1938 for the National Committee of Internal Affairs, under the project of I. Fomin, a prominent architect.

  • House with chimeras

    This architectural masterpiece in modernist style is the product of the imagination of V.Horodetskyi, Kyiv‘s architect-cum-romantic, and genuine experiment. At the beginning of the XX century, the house challenged architectural norms with its new style and latest technologies used in construction. The famous architect, called «Kyiv‘s Gaudi», created a fantasy word with figures of mythical creatures on the front-side of house. Some of his most celebrated works are a compilation of rhinoceroses, antelopes, lizards, frogs and mythical maidens riding on fish.

  • Khreshchatyi Park

    Former name – "Pionerskyi". Earlier this park was a part of Tsar's garden territory.

  • Mansion

    This mansion was built on a project of А. Krauss and is known for not only the eccentric appearance but also for its outstanding habitants. In 1914 the known pilot P. Nesterov settled here.

  • Mariinskyi Palace

    The Kyiv Tsar's palace which is called Mariinskyi, is more than 250 years old. Empress Yelyzaveta (Elizabeth) liked Ukraine and its habitants, and wished to built a palace here.

  • Mariinskyi Park

    Before 1870’s this was a military square. Mariia Oleksandrivna, wife of Aleksander II provided funds on making the park here, named in her honor - Mariinskyi (Maria’s).

  • Monument to Lesia Ukrainka

    Fivemeter monument to the of genius poetess was opened on October 3, 1973 (sculptor H. Kalchenko).

  • Monument to Viacheslav Chornovil

    Monument to Viacheslav Chornovil (2006, sculptor B. Mazur)

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