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Memory of War

  • Babyn Yar

    Babyn Yar is related to mass murders, carried out by fascist invaders during 1941-43.

  • Monument to М. Vatutin

    This monument was erected on the grave of general of army Mykola Vatutin, commander of 1 Ukrainian front, who freed Kyiv from German occupation in November, 1943.

  • National Museum of History of Great Patriotic War 1941 - 45

    In the day of Victory, on May 9, 1981, the inauguration of new memorial complex on the slopes of Dnipro was held (a historical exhibition was available in Klovskyi palace since October 17, 1974). A complex was built by plan of the known sculptor-monumentalist Ye. Vuchetych by the group of authors (sculptors V. Borodai, F. Sohoian, architect V. Yelizarov and others).

  • Obelisk to the City-Hero of Kyiv

    In 198 in the center of Ploshcha Peremohy (Square of Victory) was set an obelisk in honour of the enormous contribution of inhabitants of Kyiv to the victory over fascism (architects V. Lashko, L. Semeniuk).

  • Park of Eternal Glory

    In 1957 a former park which had had the name "Anosivskyi garden", was rebuilt into a memorial in honor of the winners of fascism.

  • Start Stadium

    In summer 1942, when Kyiv was occupied by Nazis, they tried to create the illusion of peaceful life and arranged the series of soccer matches. The "Dynamo Kyiv" always was one of the best in Soviet Union. In 1941 some of players were not able to go out from surroundings and left in occupied city.

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