Меtro (underground)









Idea of building of the underground railroad in Kyiv appeared in the days of the Russian empire, in 1883. Later few different projects of building of underground were examined in Kyiv, however due to of different reasons; the building began only in post-war years. The first USSR subway appeared in Moscow and Leningrad, and in 1960 the first line of the Kyiv underground was opened. Its length was about 5 kilometers and it included five stations. Since then this type of transport was developing dynamically and acquired mass popularity among the inhabitants of Kyiv and guests of the capital.

Today Kyiv underground is the most reliable and comfortable type of public transport, which makes over half of all city passenger transportations. In present time the length of the Kyiv underground is about 65 kilometers, divided into three lines with 50 stations, there are over 100 escalators and more than 6 thousand employees. The annual volume of transportations is over 500 million passengers. The inhabitants of Kyiv and guests of the capital are transported by comfortable carriages which are renewed little by little: the first train of Ukrainian production (Open Joint stock Company "Kriukivskyi carriage works") provides daily transportation at the "labyrinths" of the Kyiv underground for more than a year.

Architecture and decoration of the capital tube stations represent the historical past of the Ukrainian people, development of economics and culture of our state.


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