The climate of Kyiv is continental, with relatively mild winters and warm summers. Average January temperature is -6 °, July +19,2 °. Rainfall – 550-628 mm a year. 


        Influence of the Kyiv and Kaniv Reservoirs cause strengthening of breeze circulation, changes in wind speed and rainfall amounts. The main water artery of the city is Dnipro. The width of the river within the city is 400-600 m, depth – 6.12 m. On the banks of the Dnipro is a stretch sandy beaches.

        The river forms numerous bays (Matviivska, Staryk, Havan), straits (Rusanivska, Desnianska, etc.), floodplain lakes (Telbyn, Radunka). A number of small rivers flow within Kyiv itself : Lybid, Syrets, Nyvka, Vita, Gorenka. Significant areas of Lybid are bound in underground reservoirs; Syrets and Nyvka form the ponds.