Kyiv – the capital of the province of the Russian Empire

         In 1797 Kyiv became the capital of the province of the Russian Empire, and its revival began. The leading place in industry of the city was taken by state manufactory companies. At the same time transport network was developing. At the same period the city was divided into four separate parts: Pechersk, Verkhnie Misto, Podil and Ploska Sloboda.


         In 1834 Kyiv management was transferred to City Duma (Council). The city was building quickly, leading to unification of Pechersk, Verkhnie Misto and Podil. There was built a new large area, named – Nova Zabudova.


         In 1840th years the population has reached 50 thousand people. The administrative centre moved from Pechersk to Khreshchatyk.