Kyiv – the capital of the Ukraine


         Following independence of Ukraine on August 24, 1991 Kyiv gained a new status – capital of a great European country.







Kyiv today

         During the first years of independence, Ukraine has experienced a severe economic crisis, these processes have not omitted Kyiv: a significant part of the city stopped its work, and people lost their livelihoods. But slowly the capital, together with all the state, began to emerge from the crisis and Kyiv came on the path of dynamic development. Revitalization became the sign of improving economic conditions: the late 90th Kyiv was experiencing a construction boom, many expensive cars and shops of prestigious brands appeared in the streets. Today, the most dynamic industries Kyiv are: food, printing, construction industry, mechanical engineering. Kyiv hosts industrial giants, known far beyond Ukraine, first among them is, of course, the plant "Antonov".



         The sign of the growing authority of Kyiv and Ukraine's role in the international arena was the important economic, cultural and public forums, including Eurovision (2005), Championships in various sports and, of course, Euro 2012 the final of which will take place in the capital of Ukraine.