Welcome to Kyiv



Dear guest,

   Welcome to Kyiv, a city that is more than 15 centuries old, yet remains remarkably young in every facet of its life. The first words you are likely to hear about the capital of Ukraine will probably sound familiar – there is hardly a city in the world that does not boast of its age-old traditions, its treasures of cultural heritage and its tales of glory – but Kyiv does have a lot of impressive sights and will leave you with lasting memories.

   Kyiv is certainly rich in unique architecture, historic locations and monuments, and masterpieces of art on display at its numerous museums, art galleries and exhibitions. The religious side of the Ukrainian capital is distinctively shaped by renowned historic sights and monuments, such as Kyievo-Pecherska Lavra, St. Sophia’s, St. Volodymyr’s and St. Michael’s Cathedrals and dozens of other landmarks that glorify the Lord and celebrate the creative powers of those who designed and built them. During sightseeing, you will fall in love with Andriyivskyi Descent, old streets of Podil district, lushly green slopes of the Dnipro river, exquisite city parks, old downtown districts that are sometimes called “The Montmartre of Kyiv”, and a multitude of other popular tourist places.

  There is another side of Kyiv that we would like to show you and that will help you see the city in its full splendor – the modernity of the capital city in the nation looking forward to the future. Kyiv has changed and developed greatly in recent years, today reaching the highest level of social, economic and cultural development among the cities of Ukraine. Besides being the national administrative and political, industrial and business, research and cultural centre, Kyiv is now also one of the most attractive and thriving focal points of international business and cooperation and an important connection hub right in the centre of Eastern Europe that links East and West.

  Kyiv is actively modernizing and expanding to keep up the thriving phase of its development. Both more than four million citizens of Kyiv and visitors benefit from new architectural solutions, more developed transportation system, recreational and tourism infrastructure, improved air and rail connections, better access to culture, science and education. The municipal government does its best to capitalise on new possibilities by carefully adding the new dimension, the 21st century look, to the age-old roots of the “cradle of Slavic civilization”. Simultaneously, we continue to take care of cultural heritage of the city, constantly enriching and restoring it.

  Please enjoy your stay in Kyiv!