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  • Gallery 36

    Gallery 36 presents the works of the best modern Ukrainian artists, discovers the new names, holds exhibitions, vernisages, open airs.

  • L-Art

    One of the first private galleries in Ukraine (founded in 1993). During this time one of the best Ukrainian collections of pictures of period of socialistic realism and works of modern artists were collected in the gallery.

  • Mystets

    The artistic gallery of Kyiv organization of National Union of artists of Ukraine exists since 50’s of the last century as a show-room of Union of artists of Ukraine.

  • Pinchuk-ArtCentre

    This is the biggest (area over 3000 sq. m.) exhibition center in not only Ukraine but also Eastern Europe. It was opened in 2006 in an ancient house, which was restored together with a nearby quarter in the historical center of Kyiv.

  • Atelie Karas

    The gallery (literally – “Crucial”) created one of the biggest systematic collections of modern art of Ukraine which is represented at prestige art-forums by about 100 works of over 60 Ukrainian artists.

  • Gallery of Marat Helman

    The main task of the gallery is to transform from the branch of the Moscow gallery to Ukrainian gallery, to influence more profoundly the processes of modern art of Ukraine, to actively participate in forming of national artistic market.

  • Honchari

    This is a cosy gallery that holds the exhibitions of ceramics, ancient and modern painting, items of folk decor, sculpture, graphic arts.

  • Hryfon

    Hryfon (Griffin) is a cozy gallery, where a ceramic griffin, guarding artistic treasures, meets visitors from above the entrance.

  • Dim Mykoly

    The gallery of the Kyiv palace of Children and youth Dim Mykoly (Mykola’s House) is the cell of creative life of the city.

  • Expocenter of Ukraine

    History of the Expocenter of Ukraine takes beginning since 1958, when the Republican agricultural exhibition was organized in place of small farm the Chervonyi Traktyr under the decision USSR Council of Ministers. It was later in Exhibition of achievements of national economy of Ukraine.

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