• This is an area of rest and entertaining-sporting complex on Dnipro.

            Hidropark occupies an area of 365 hectares on two nearby islands – Venetsianskyi and Dolobetskyi.

            In place of Hidropark there was situated a village – Peredmostova Slobidka, known since the middle of ХІХ century. In September, 1943 it was burned by nazi invaders. A memorable sign (sculptor Bilyk, architect Cheremys, 1991) was set in the park in memory about it.

            Planning and building of Hidropark, passed mainly in 1965-68. There is the network of beaches, Attractions, sporting grounds, station of boats, cafes, restaurants. The enormous amount of commercial entertaining establishments appeared on territory of Hidropark in the last years. Today Hidropark is not only remarkable resting-place, it is a green cell in almost centre of the capital.

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