Park of T. Shevchenko

  • Park named T. Shevchenko (previously known as Mykolaivskyi public garden) is the most well-organized city park.

            Despite the small size of the park (area of 5,4 hectares) Charles Khristiani, the gardener, managed to create a wonderful park complex. The park was successfully divided into two parts by two perpendicular axial avenues and additional diagonal ones to which a roundabout road was added throughout the entire perimeter. Avenues meet in the central part. Since 1896 the monument to the emperor Mykola I (Nikolas I) stood here. The pedestal existed to the middle of 1930’s, and since 1939 year a monument to the Great Kobzar (kobza-player) Taras Shevchenko stands in this place.

            Large child's ground is built in the park, alongside with which is situated an Ukrainian restaurant called "Opanas", where you can enjoy the foods of the Ukrainian national cuisine. It is always crowded here: many students (alongside is the main building of Kyiv National University), and other visitors immerse in greenery of park in the center of the city.

            For many years one of the segments of the park is chosen by chess and checkers enthusiasts: daily at any time of year it is possible to play these games of intellectuals here or just to talk on vital themes with the visitors of park.

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