Musical Academy

    Address:1/3, Arkhitektora Horodetskoho str.
    Phone:044 229 73 44
  • Four-storey building of opera studio of the National Musical Academy of Ukraine Named after P. Chaikovskyi (former Conservatory) is included in the composition of Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square).

    This building including a concerto hall (architect L.Katok, 1955-59) is designed in a classic spirit, at the level of 3-4 floors and is decorated by a colonnade with ionic caps. The complex of the National musical academy also includes educational building on 5 Architect Gorodetskyi street.

    The conservatory was founded in 1913, and in 1919 it become state educational institution. In 1995 under Decree of President of Ukraine the Conservatory was given the status of the National musical academy of Ukraine named after P. Chaikovsky. High international authority of National musical academy of Ukraine is confirmed by the great numbers of foreign students that attend it. About 100 students from 23 countries of the world (Europe, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Near and Far East) study today in Academy. National musical academy of Ukraine has wide international connections with many foreign cultural centers and musical educational institutions. The academy is the member of European Association of conservatories, Academies and higher musical schools.

     Ticket price – 15-35 UAH

     Меtrо: «Маidan Nеzalezhnosti», «Khreshchatyk»

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