St. Aleksander‘s Roman-Catholic Cathedral

    Address:17, Kostelna str.
    Phone:044 279 73 09
    Phone:044 278-02-43
  • The oldest active catholic church of Kiev, named in memory of the Russian emperor Alexander I.

    There was the real necessity in an own religious center for numerous enough catholic population of Kyiv. Therefore in 1814 Roman-Catholic society of the city decided to build an own church which was named after the Russian emperor Aleksander І. The oldest operating catholic temple of Kyiv was erected on the means of Polish society in 1817-1842 under the project of architect I. Piller, and remade by professor F. Miekhovych. Building was constructed in classic style, decorated by the portico of Tuscan warrant and it is completed by a dome. Its basic relicts are the crucifix, brought from Italy, and the remarkably executed copy of Madonna of Raphael. In 1842 the Cathedral was sanctified.

    The temple is situated on the south edge of Mykhailivska or Volodymyrska Hill, on the corner of streets of Kostelna and Trokhsviatytelska. This place was selected not by chance: in 1816 at the time of solemn meeting of Aleksander І here, on the ground of old bastion, was arranged a grandiose illumination in the form triumphal arch in honor of the tsar the victor.

    The official name of temple is Pro-Cathedral Church of St. Aleksander. It is named on Polish manner as well – St. Aleksander‘s Roman-Catholic Cathedral. Here in 1879 a future artist Kazymyr Malevych was baptized.

    In 1937 soviet power arrested and executed Sigismund Kwasniewski, the last priest of the church, since then the parish ceased existing. At first, communist power converted building into a dormitory, and in 1952 – on the planetarium of the Kyiv university. In 1991 it was returned to Roman-Catholic society of Kyiv in an emergency state. The first divine services, yet before the returning of the church to believers, were held on a stair and in the portico of temple.

    During 1990-1994 there was held an intensive renovation of one of the most beautiful buildings of our glorious city. Restoration returned to the church its previous appearance. Near the temple there stands a symbolic cross with text in Polish: "Wiara, Nadzieja i Miіoњж (Faith, Hope and Love)" and a dedication: "Memory to the victims for a faith and motherland. 1917-1991".

    On October 7, 1995, the church was sanctified for the second time. It belongs to Kyiv-and-Zhytomyr diocese of Roman-Catholic Church. On June 25, 2001 a temple was visited by Pope John Paul ІІ during the visit in Kyiv.

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