Volodymyrskyi (Oleksandrivskyi) uzviz

  • Volodymyrskyi uzviz (descent) stretches from Yevropeiska square to the Poshtova square, connecting the city center with Podil.

    It appeared in the early XVIII century after cutting Michael's Mount close to Khreshchatytskyi ravine, which lay so-called Old (Pecherska) road from Podil to Pechersk.

    In the early nineteenth century Descent was the only cobbled street of the city that’s why it got the name – Mostova Street. In 1869, together with Sahaidachnyi and Hrushevskyi streets it was part of Oleksandrivska street, since 1919 – Street of Revolution. In 1944, as the monument to Prince Vladimir was located there, it was renamed to Volodymyrskyi uzviz.

    In 1892-1978, the first tram in Russian Empire, which linked the city center with Podil, was running on the street.

    Landmarks of the uzviz:

    - House of the former Merchants Assembly, now the National Philharmonic of Ukraine (№ 2, 1882);

    - The oldest active building of the Kyiv water supply "Palestinian filter" (1887);

    - Former residential house of plumbing workers (1870's) with the building of stone;

    - Stairs Naberezhne shoes (road) (1930s). Now the passage is closed;

    - Monument to the first Kyiv tram (1992).

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