Havan (Harbor)

  • Comfortable Kyiv Harbor (Havan) located at Podil was one of the most important ones on the big road "from Varangians to Greeks".

    In the times of Kiev Rus mouth of the river Pochaina – Prytyk served as a haven. Caravans of ships went from here on a long journey to Constantinople.

    In 1712 a channel was dug in the spit for vessels passage, shortening the path between the Dnipro and the harbor.

    In 1897-1899 was built a new harbor on the project of engineer M. Maksymovyh. Its length reached 2 km, and width – from 180 to 240 m. In Soviet times it was extended and reconstructed after the war.

    In 1961, a new harbor was built with the river port.

    In 2007 was opened a new bridge across the Harbor, that significantly improved communication between the Podil and Obolon and Troieshchyna.

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