Tarasa Shevchenka (Bibikovskyi) Boulevard

  • Tarasa Shevchenka boulevard, which runs between Bessarabska square and Peremohy square, appeared in 1830-s.

    In the middle of the street there was planted avenue of chestnuts, and later - in 1840th – of poplars. This planting is the longest in Europe (about 1.5 km) and today it is the symbol of Boulevard.

    The highway was first mentioned in 1834, called Boulevard highway. Since 1850 it was called Boulevard Street and University Boulevard (the both names were used). Since 1869 it was named Bibikovskyi Boulevard, and in 1941-1943 - Rovnoershtrasse. The current name – Tarasa Shevchenka boulevard – is used since 1919.

    Former house of prisoner's companies (today No. 25), which was outside the city for some time, became the first stone building on the boulevard.

    Botanical garden named after academician O. Fomin was laid along the left side of the street in 1839.

    In 1840-50’s the building of Cadet Corps was built there. In 1850 - the first Gymnasia (now No. 14), and in 1856 – Second Gymnasia (now No. 18) and San Donato mansion were constructed. In 1842 the mansion of M. Tereshchenko (now No. 12) was built.

    In 1857 a triumphal gate was erected at the end of the boulevard.

    In 1860’s the only iron Church in the history of Kyiv – Ioann Zlatoust (John Chrysostom) was built on Halytska (now Peremohy) square. At the same time Volodymyrskyi (Vladimir's) Cathedral was founded between Himnazychna (Gymnasia, now Leontovycha) and Sviatoslavska (now Ivana Franka).

    Since the late XIX - early XX century there were erected the mansions of: Horetskyi (then Bohrov, now No. 4), Shpakovskyi (then M. Tereshchenko, now No. 8), now No. 29, I. Tereshchenko (No. 34), profit and residential buildings, public and industrial facilities: University Hospital (now No. 17), Commercial Institute (now No. 22-24), hotel "Marcel" (now No. 5), "Palast-hotel" (now No. 7), «Kyiv» (№ 28 or 36) and the Tobacco Factory (No. 72, now 6 Peremohy Ave.).

    In 1872 at the corner of Boulevard and Bezakivska (S. Petliury) Street a monument to Count A. Bobrynskyi was set, since 1946 to Lenin was in its place monument, but today - monument to Shchors.

    History of boulevard is connected with the names of many prominent people: family of Tereshchenko, M. Pyrohov, V. Vernadskyi, A. Lunacharskyi, M. Bulhakov, K. Paustovskyi, O. Bohomolets, P. Chubynskyi, M. Chalyi, I. Soshenko, I. Vernadskyi, V. Orlovskyi, A. Krymskyi, R. Hliier, O. Shmidt, A. Rusov, V. Vasnetsov, M. Nesterov, A. Prakhov, M. Pymonenko, S. Kostenko, V. Kotarbinskyi, brothers Sviedomsky, M. Vrubel, M. Kotsiubynskyi, M. Voloshyn.

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