More accomodation opportunities in Kyiv after Euro 2012

While tourists continue to be interested in Kyiv after the championship, there are more hotels for them and a network of apartments at lower prices than for the event

Innovations in Infrastructure

Month before Euro, the quantity of hotels in Ukraine had been expected to be 20-40% higher than UEFA demands, according to the officials. Indeed, the Main Department of Preparation to Euro reports that 30 new hotels were opened and 2000 work places appeared in June-July. The conditions and safety guarantees offered by them are anyway much better than those in most apartments for rent. At the same time, as one financial analyst has remarked to, the prices for apartments for tourists usually mirror the increase in hotel prices, so the hotels could be a better choice.


Rent for English-speaking tourists, especially with additional service, is a business separate from long-term rent for locals. That is why this market is not touched by the annual increase in prices in August, as well as from the 2% increase that has been reported recently. Though tendencies in rent for foreigners are not stable enough for predictions, there is a hope among experts (from the administration and SV Development group) that the prices for apartments will gradually decrease in the following months.

Connecting People

As Ihor Pylypchuk, the founder of Euro initiative Rooms4free, has reported to, the exchange between former Euro visitors and Ukrainians is going on without mediators, and around 30 families have welcomed various acquaintances of Euro guests in turn for an opportunity to stay in their places in Europe. Europeans discover the hospitality and benefits of Kyiv, and the prospects of tourism in the city seem to promise them more than before.