Rock, robbery and SWAT in Kyiv castle

Pidgorskiy’s House, also known as the Baron’s Castle, is one of the most interesting vintage buildings in the centre of Kyiv. It’s situated at the corner of Yaroslaviv Val street and Lysenka street and attracts with its exquisite romano-gothic style with elegant molding and a high spire. This  house was built in 1897 and at the moment requires restoration, so all its dwellers were transferred. While it’s waiting for renovation, rock band S.K.A.J. decided to film their new clip here.

The video for the song Nebezpechna (Dangerous) will thrill everyone with dramatic plot, and energetic footage. It tells a story of a pair of lovers, who decided to commit a serious crime – bank robbery. They stand against a SWAT unit.

-          Nebezpechna is the first song from our fourth album, - told S.K.A.J. vocalist Oleg Sobchuk. – We have already formed some vision of it, but we are still experimenting. S.K.A.J. is not a solo project, It includes five charismatic musicians. I can only tell that new album will be rather unusual for us.

Clipmakers were searching for film set for quite a long time, till they got lucky to rent the Baron’s Castle. This empty building is a real oasis in the centre of Kyiv. But they had to transport a great amount of stage property – furniture, weapons, household items and other stuff – as well as print loads of dollars. Professional actors Victoria Varley and Oleksandr Pechenyk played roles of the lovers. Oleg Sobchuk will act a rather unusual part but at the moment it’s kept in secret.

- The premiere of this clip is scheduled on mid-November, - emphasized the S.K.A.J. vocalist. – We are not in hurry because we prefer making quality product. But the release date of our new album is a secret for now. In the nearest future we are planning to present more new singles.