Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

  • Address:1, Mykhailivska sq.
    Phone:044 238 17 77
    Phone:044 272 22 12
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is the central authority of executive power, which provides:

    • state policy concerning national interests of Ukraine's security by maintaining peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation with the members of international community;
    • stability of the international position of Ukraine, raising its international image, spreading the image of Ukraine as a reliable and predictable partner in the world;
    • favorable external conditions for strengthening the independence, state sovereignty, economic independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine;
    • integrity and consistency of foreign policy of Ukraine;
    • protection of rights and interests of citizens and legal persons of Ukraine abroad;

    development of links with foreign Ukrainian communities and providing support and protection under international law and current legislation of Ukraine to these communities.

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