Helpful hints

The tourists, whose plans include a trip to Kyiv, will finnd of use some information about the capital of Ukraine and how to make the stay there comfortable.

The official state language is Ukrainian, all the information labels are usually made in Ukrainian, but Russian also is widespread in everyday life and the media. Young people, in their majority, speak English at a sufficient level.

There are two airports – "Boryspil" and "Kyiv". "Boryspil",the largest airport in Ukraine, it is located in the eastern suburbs of the city, in 34 km from the capital. Foreigners arriving in Ukraine must obtain a registration form which should be maintained until the end of stay because you will need it prior to leaving the country. In order to get to Kyiv from the airport you can take a taxi or a bus route "Polit" that will help you to get to the southern terminal of railway station "Kyiv-Passenger." Airport "Kyiv" (Zhuliany) is located within the city, so you can get there by public transport or taxi.

The "Kyiv-Passenger" is the only railway complex that is centrally located. You can get there by Metro (subway) “Vokzalna" station, trolleybus, bus or taxi.

The central bus station is the place of arrival and departure of both international and intercity buses –- the easiest way to get from Metro "Demiyivska". In addition, bus stations are located in some parts of the city.

The most optimal and fast type of urban land transport – Metro – runs from 5:30 to 24:00. In 2011 the cost of one pass is UAH 2. During holidays or major sporting, cultural or social events of the operation hours of Metro is normally extended (it is usually announced in advance). Also there are a lot of route minibuses and buses, trams, trolleybuses and quite exotic funicular that connects Podil and the Upper City. Tickets for public transport can be purchased at bus stops or in the controller directly while traveling.

For all payments for goods and services in the country is used exclusively the national currency of Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH 1 – 100 kopeeks). Banknotes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 hryvnas and coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kopeeks and 1 hryvnia are in circulation. Currency can be exchanged in numerous bank offices. Most banks in Ukraine work 5 days a week, some – 6, with the day-off on Sunday. Avoid exchanging in airports and train stations if possible, there the exchange rate is usually artificially distorted and less profitable. There are a lot of ATMs, and many hotels, shops and restaurants that accept Visa card and MasterCard, American Express and others.


Samples of banknotes


1.jpg 20.jpg
2.jpg 50.jpg
5.jpg 100.jpg
10.jpg 200.jpg
10-1.jpg 500.jpg


Theatergoers, music lovers, sports fans, connoisseurs of museum culture, fans of outdoor recreation – all of them will find a rest to their taste and usually cheaper than in other European capitals. Entertainment industry of the city is quite developed. In cinemas the movies are dubbed in the Ukrainian language, without subtitles in English.

Kyiv restaurants will offer you the best choice of traditional Ukrainian dishes and cuisines of other nations. But only in the capital, you can try real Kyiv Chicken cutlet (“Po-Kyivsky”) and enjoy the famous "Kyiv" cake. Tables for the evening can be booked by phone. Prices range from democratic to very high. There are no strict rules, but when visiting the restaurant it is usual to leave a tip (5-10% of the total bill.) In some places a tip is already included in the sum of the bill, so before you pay, please, check the bill carefully.

Kyiv hotels are divided into five categories: one-, two-, three-, four- stars and luxury hotels (five stars). Some of them are located in the heart of Kyiv near the most famous historical and cultural monuments. But there are small private hotels in the "sleeping" areas, but you will need to take two or three kinds of public transport to get there. It is better to look for housing in the afternoon, after check-out. If you pay cash you should know that the exchange rate in hotels is usually lower than in banks.

There is a law forbidding smoking in public places and at work, with the exception of places specially designed for smoking. To avoid conflict with the representatives of law enforcement, pay attention to warning signs and labels. Smoking is allowed in some bars, cafes and restaurants. If you can not endure cigarette smoke, then you can ask for a table in the hall for non-smokers.

In Kyiv, working hours of the majority of organizations and institutions are from 8:00-10:00 to 17:00-19:00 o’clock, with a lunch break from 13:00-14:00 to 14:00-15:00. Some stores, pharmacies are open for 24 hours and restaurants are practicing working until the last customers leave.

In downtown there are many public toilets, mainly paid ones. Usually the toilet paper is available and you could also wash your hands. Free toilets are available to visitors of restaurants, cafes, cultural and entertainment facilities.

It is not recommended to drink tap water without boiling. The best choice – to buy drinking water in stores. Also in Kyiv there are pavilions with artesian water. It is believed that you can drink water from there without boiling. There you can take water in your own bottles for free.

Voltage of electric outlets in the capital, and in all of Ukraine is 220 volts (50 hertz). As of recent pharmacies can be found on almost every street of the capital. Highly qualified staff will help you find the necessary medicine. The availability of drugs in pharmacies can be found by calling 1567. You may also use free ambulance by dialing from call-box (for free as well) and naming address of your location.

Throughout the city there are post offices and pay phones that operate with a plastic card. You can purchase cards in any post office. Calls to other cities and countries are made via system of Utel (Ukrainian Telecommunications). Pay phones are available 24 hours. In an emergency you can get assistance by calling the services:


  • Fire Service–101
  • Police–102
  • Ambulance–103
  • Emergency gas service–104
  • Information on accidents–1613
  • Information Bureau (addresses and phone numbers)–109, 1559
  • Information and booking service–1556
  • Exact time service–121
  • Forecast–122
  • Area code–+38044
  • City official website–