Mantra Restaurant & Party bar

    Address:Velyka Vasylkivska street 5, Arena city
    Phone:044 221 44 48
    Phone:050 336 28 48
  • Mantra Restaurant & Party Bar – a fresh source of pure creative energy, right in the heart of the capital! It’s a funky, friendly place - fellow Mantra-goers will become your friends, and distinguished guests will amaze you.

    In recent months, Mantra Restaurant & Party Bar has enjoyed some of its best times yet – with performances from prominent artists and trend-setters alike. This year, the club has already played host to: Audiofly, Phonique, Florian Kruse, Sanchez, Shushukin - and this is only a partial list! Big names to come include: STAN KOLEV (Miami), UNER (Cadenza Rec. / Spain), Timur Mamedov aka XPVoodoo, SPY.DER (Moscow), GION (Italy), SANCHES

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