• The main street of the capital of Ukraine runs from Evropeiska square to Bessarabska square, passing through Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square).

    According to one of the common versions, the street name comes from Kreshchatyi Yar (crossed by transverse gullies-ravines), according to another version – Prince Volodymyr baptized the inhabitants of Kyiv at the mouth of stream, named after it Khreshchatytskyi.

    In ancient times in the place of the present-day street there was a valley, covered with forest. Khreshchatyk is relatively young street, that was undeveloped for a long time. In the 1790’s the first buildings appeared there. The convenient location between different parts of the city was good for the rapid growth and buildings on the street. In 1806, the first municipal theater was built at the beginning of the street, so the street got the title Teatralna. The name Khreshchatyk is used since 1834. In 1870’s Khreshchatyk becomes the main street of Kyiv. In the late nineteenth century the first multi-storey houses appeared there, in 1891 the first horse tram, and in 1892 – electric tram run on the street.

    In August 1941, the city fell under siege and in the end of September most of the buildings on Khreshchatyk were undermined. After the war, the street was rebuilt and expanded twice by the odd part. Buildings were placed as follows: on the left – mainly residential houses, and on the right – administrative, banking, and commercial buildings. Chestnut Boulevard, which is stretching in front of them, is especially beautiful in spring, during the flowering of the trees that became the symbol of the city.

    Now, in the days of the official events, Khreshchatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence square) are the main centers of celebration in the country. The traffic is overlap on weekends and public holidays and Khreshchatyk becomes pedestrian. Different concerts as well as other public-and-policy events are held on Khreshchatyk in the open air.

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