Brest-Lytovske Shose (Highway) (Peremohy Avenue (Prospekt))

  • Brest-Lytovske Shose is an old highway towards the city of Zhytomyr - running from Peremohy Avenue to Budarina street and up to 1985 was a single highway.

    This street was known as Zhytomyrske and Kyiv-Brest highway since the first half of XIX century. Since the end of XIX century, since its construction, it got the name of Brest-Lytovske Shose.

    In the 1964-1985 part of the highway was called – Brest-Lytovskyi Prospekt (now Peremohy Avenue), for the remaining part it was left with the previous name - Brest-Lytovske highway.

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