Petra Sahaidachnoho (Oleksandrivska) Street

  • The street connects the Poshtova (Postal) square and Kontraktova (Marketplace) square.

    Petra Sahaidachnoho Street (since 1955 – Zhdanova, since – current name), in the past was the part of part Oleksandrivska street (since 1919  – Revolution street, since 1934 – Kirova), together with Volodymyrskyi (Oleksandrivskyi) uzviz (descent) and M. Hrushevskoho street.

    The building of the street was carried out in 30-40s of the XIX century.

    Russian writer Alexander Kuprin, lived at the corner of Borychiv uzviz (descent), on 4, Oleksandrivska street (former hotel "Serbia", which did not survive till our days) in 1894-96; there is a memorial plaque to him.

    Many houses of XVIII-XIX preserved till our days. Among them are:

    - Houses of family of confectioners Balabuh (№ 27a, 27b; end XVIII - the 30-ies of XIX century., Arch. L. Stanzani);

    - House of the wealthiest "Silver Master" F. Korobka (№ 22/2, 1830, Arch. L. Stanzani ). Since 1861 Podolsky Girls' Gymnasium operated in the building, and since 1870s the house belonged to Kunderevych;

    - House-store of merchant, first chairman of the City Council P. Dehtiarov (№ 16/5, 1830); the building, contained apartments for hire, shops, workshops (№ 29; middle of XIX century.). Then the Marionette Theatre was located there.

    In 1892-1978, the first tram in the Russian Empire was running on street. It linked the city center and Podil.

    On the modern street are located mainly two-story houses. Monument to Hetman Sahaidachnyi is situated in front of the Hostynnyi Dvir. In 2004, on corner of Sahaidachnyi street and Poshtova (Postal) Square was rebuilt the Church of the Nativity.

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