Foundation of Kyiv

         The area on which Kyiv arose was attractive for settlement of people from ancient times. Archaeologists have studied the parking of ancient hunters, Kyrylivska is the most famous of them.

         Subsequently, due to its unique geographical location, territory of Kyiv became a place of settlement of different tribes and a major trading center.

         Remains of villages and settlements of almost all known archaeological cultures in the Middle Dnipro were explored in the area between the Dnipro and Lybid. However the Slavic tribes that were part of the Polianska association, were real founders of Kyiv. Commonly known legend (regarding the founding of Kyiv by Kyi, Prince Poliansky, and his brothers) was recorded in the undated annals.


         Most scholars indicate the date of this event – the end of V – the beginning of VI century. Actually, the legend regards the establishment of the fortified residence of the prince (archaeologists explored the remains of “settlement of Kyi” on the north cape Starokyivska mountain). However, there is no less reasonable assumption that Kyiv as the administrative center of Podniprovia arose simultaneously with the Rus state at the VIII-IX centuries.