Stadium in Poznan

  • Municipal stadium in Poznan was the first Polish venue ready to EURO-2012. On September 21, 2010 the home arena of FC "Lech" was solemnly opened after renovations, in the presence of over 30 thousand people, the ceremony was accompanied by a bright light show, fancy-dress performances and concert of Sting – an international celebrity.

    During the reconstruction, the main works on stadium were related to expansion of its capacity and building of cover above the tribunes. Thus, on completion of works the general capacity of sporting arena attained 46 676 seats, and an extensible cover was built above tribunes, giving possibility the fans the possibility to enjoy matches at any weather. In addition, other improvements were carried out on the stadium: the lawn and the players quarters, locker rooms for sportsmen and trainers, as well as showers, saunas, massage cabinets were renewed. The technical equipment of the stadium was considerably improved.

    The reconstruction of stadium complied with severe criteria of comfort, structural, fire and general safety; as well as the criteria regarding the entrances to the stadium and adjoining territory, enabling to include the arena to the range of "Elite" class arenas.

    The capacity of stadium is 46 676 seats (during EURO-2012 – 41 018 seats), 200 seats for invalids, 200 seats for the press, 1750 parking places for passenger cars.

    After the opening, the stadium was used on purpose: on September 30 local FC "Lech" played the match of UEFA Europa League vs. FC "Salzburg", and on November 17 the national teams of Poland and Cote d'Ivoire played on this sporting arena.

    During EURO-2012 the matches of group tournament will take place on Poznan stadium. After the championship the arena will be used as a place for hosting the concerts, competitions and mass events.

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