An-225 "Mрія (Mriia)"

        The real world record-holder multi-purpose sky truck An-225 "Mriia (Dream)" is Ukrainian super-heavy sky truck, created in Design Bureau named after Antonov and projected on the necessities of the space program for loads transportation (multiple use spaceships "Buran (Snow-storm)" and components of the rocket system "Enerhiia (Energy)").

        On May 3, 1989 " Mriia" started from the air field Baikonur, carrying an aerospace airplane "Buran" by mass of over 60 tons on itself. On May 13 the airplane made the non-stop flight Baikonur-Kyiv (2 700 km) for 4 hours 25 min. Since that day An-225 became the world sensation.


        In August, 2009 the airplane was included to Guinness Book of Records for transportation of the biggest mono-cargo in history of aviation (187,6 tons). On June 10, 2010 the longest cargo in history of air shipments was transported by it.

        At the moment "Mriia" is the biggest air-freighter of the world.