Oleh Blokhin and Ihor Bielanov

        Two more football stars from Dnipro banks were awarded the “The Golden Ball” – Ihor Bielanov (1988) and Oleh Blokhin (1975).



        The brilliant performance of National team of Ukraine at FIFA World Championship 2006, where our team reached the quarter finals, may be included to the asset of Oleh Bloknin, its coach.

         Talking about Kyiv, the list of the bright names can be continued by a whole pleiad of stars art, sport, sciences of world value: Kazymyr Malevych, Mykhail Bulgakov, Ihor Sikorskyi, Serge Lifar, Viktor Nekrasov, Valerii Lobanovskyi, Borys Paton, Milla Jovovich... All of them are part of the golden fund of our glorious city.