Botanical Garden named Fomin

    Address:1, Symona Petliury str.
    Phone:044 239 31 90
  •         The Botanical Garden Named after О. Fomin was founded in 1839 as a research base of the Kyiv University. The collections of plants of many other national and foreign botanical gardens were used for creation of the garden. Later a Greenhouse complex for tropical and subtropical plants was built in the garden.

            Over 10 thousand kinds, forms and sorts of plants make up the collection of the garden. The relict and endemic plants from the different corners of planet grow on the territory of the garden. Plenty of tropical and subtropical plants are collected in hothouses, including the biggest collections of cactuses and palms in Ukraine. The highest climatron (special hothouse) for palms in the world was built here in 1977.

            The employees of the garden carry out research works on guard, enriching, and rational use of vegetable resources.

            The garden is situated in a remarkable place in the centre of Kyiv and is the place of rest of many people.

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