Volodymyrska Hill

  • The famous Volodymyrska Hill is the part of Dnipro slopes of historical centre of Kyiv.

            Volodymyrska Hill is the most valuable archaeological and architectonically-protective reserve area, the historical landscape, which is guarded. The park was founded in the middle of XIX century. In old times the Volodymyrska Hill was named the Mykhailivska Hill. In the middle of XIX century city authority decided to set a monument to St. Volodymyr here. This monument became the composition centre of the Volodymyrska Hill.

            The monument is a symbol of Kyiv, a sight, that is most often represented in the works of painters, graphic artists, photographers to our days. In 1905 a funicular was opened in the northern part of the park. The upper terrace of the park faces the refectory of the St. Michael's (Mykhailivskyi) Golden-domed Monastery.

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