Yevropeiska square

  • Yevropeiska (European) square is located between Khreshchatyk, Trokhsviatytelska streets and Volodymyrskyi uzviz (descent) street.

    Hrushevskoho street (on which the main governmental and parliamentary buildings are located) and the main street of Kyiv – Khreshchatyk start from this square. In the seventeenth century this place called Yevseikova valley. A road connecting Podil and Pechersk was built there at the beginning of XVIII century, and the valley was cut through by highway, taking away the huge number of carts of the ground. This ground was successfully used for filling the numerous ravines and in the organizing the roadways.

    The name of the Square changed many times: since the early nineteenth century it was named Kinna(Horse) because the traditional horse fairs were held here. In 1806 there was built the first municipal theater, so it was renamed to Teatralna. Later, in 1851, hotel "European" was built in place of the theater and, of course, during some time the square was named the European square. Since 1869 it got the name of Tsarska, as the chapel in memory of the salvation of Alexander II of a terrorist act was built here, and in 1911 there appeared a monument to Tsar. Since 1919 the Square got new name – of Third International, and since 1944 to the "thaw" it had the name of Stalin. Since 1961 the square was named the Lenin Komsomol, and in independent Ukraine it became European square again.

    Merchants Assembly building, where State Philharmonic is situated today, is one of the most interesting buildings in the square. Premises of Philharmonic is famous for its superb acoustics and the building harmonizes with the surrounding landscapes very well. Outstanding is the fact that on May 8, 1892 Russia's first and second in Eastern Europe electric tram went from the square in it’s test trip. In 1982 Lenin museum was built in the place of the hotel "European", and in the years of independence in this building Palace of Arts "Ukrainian House", is situated. It regularly hosts exhibitions, concerts, professional meetings. The value and uniqueness of the Square is also determined by picturesque parks, located on the adjacent slopes of the Dnipro, as well as closeness to the historic center of the city.

    At the present time the European Square is one of the cultural and historical centers of the city.

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