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Kyiv Panorama from Dnipro

  • Column of Magdeburg Rights

    A monument is a column of Tuscan warrant with the gilded cross, of 18 m high.

  • Hidropark

    This is one of the favorite resting-places of inhabitants of Kyiv.

  • Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

    The majestic silhouette of ancient monastery (ХІ century) enraptures for many centuries. For long time here was the center of book-writing and printing, it was a spiritual center of orthodoxy.

  • Metro Bridge

    Having passed Trukhaniv island, one can see the elastic arc of Metro Bridge at once. The Bridge (engineer H. Fuks, Yu. Inosov) was opened in November 1965. The so-called arched-cantilever chart was applied for building for multi-driving construction for the first time.

  • Monument to Mother-Motherland

    It over peers above the Memorial complex of the National Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 45, by an area 10 hectare.

  • Parkovyi (Pedestrian) Bridge

    In 1957 this delicate building (engineer V. Kyrychenko, architect V. Suvorov et al) was built over Dnipro to Trukhaniv island.

  • Podil

    Known since ІХ century as handicraft-trade part of old city, where till recently there were almost all industrial enterprises.

  • River Station

    Building of original kind which reminds a motor ship: socle, coated by the polished granite and walls coated by Inkerman stone.

  • Trukhaniv Island

    In opinion of specialists the island was on behalf of Tuhorkhan, a khan of Cumans.

  • Vydubytskyi Monastery

    The picturesque panorama of this old monastery remains in memory forever.

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