Interesting facts

        When we speak about some city or country, there are certain associations, for example:

        Paris is the city of the Eiffel tower, tourist Mecca of the world

        New York is the city of statue of Liberty and business centre of the mightiest state

        Egypt is the country of pyramids

        China is the state of the Great Chinese wall and most populous country of the world.

        Unfortunately, when we speak about Ukraine and Kyiv, sometimes there are not the best associations: Chornobyl, famine. The reason of it not only in the bad awareness of foreigners. Ukrainians very often, while talking about their motherland, just mention about the best black earths, Kyiv chestnuts, good climate...

        However we have things to be proud of: the large number of scientific and technological achievements, humanitarian achievements and bright and talented people, known worldwide have their roots in Kyiv, Ukraine...We would like to remind you about those things and persons which are the pride of our glorious city.

An-225 "Mрія (Mriia)"

        The real world record-holder multi-purpose sky truck An-225 "Mriia (Dream)" is Ukrainian super-heavy sky truck, created in Design Bureau named after Antonov and projected on the necessities of the space program for loads transportation (multiple use spaceships "Buran (Snow-storm)" and components of the rocket system "Enerhiia (Energy)").

        On May 3, 1989 " Mriia" started from the air field Baikonur, carrying an aerospace airplane "Buran" by mass of over 60 tons on itself. On May 13 the airplane made the non-stop flight Baikonur-Kyiv (2 700 km) for 4 hours 25 min. Since that day An-225 became the world sensation.


        In August, 2009 the airplane was included to Guinness Book of Records for transportation of the biggest mono-cargo in history of aviation (187,6 tons). On June 10, 2010 the longest cargo in history of air shipments was transported by it.

        At the moment "Mriia" is the biggest air-freighter of the world.

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia of Kyiv

        Surely, while speak about Kyiv, it is impossible not to notice Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia of Kyiv – historical-cultural sights of world value.

        Today, Lavra is exceptionally valuable architectural ensemble which was forming for over nine centuries as the centre of orthodoxy. The complex includes over 200 sights of archaeology, architecture, history and monumental art. Numerous museums are located on the territory of Lavra. The most of displays are dedicated to different Ukrainian artistic styles, genres and works of applied art, which are rooted in antiquity.



        St. Sophia of Kyiv (Софія Київська) is no less unique – it is the world-known monument of history, architecture, monumental painting and sacral art of the first half of ХІ of century, built by prince Yaroslav Mudryi (Wise) in the period of bloom of Kyivan Rus. The name of cathedral, which is bound to religious interpretation of the Greek word "Sophia"– "wisdom" is understood as Divine Wisdom.


        Sophia was built as the main metropolitan temple of Rus; the cathedral was the social-and-political and cultural centre of the Kyiv state. The solemn ceremonies of inauguration of princes, meetings of foreign ambassadors were held here, the important agreements about the peace between princes were signed, the Kyiv council also gathered near the temple. The chronicles were being written here. Yaroslav Mudryi (Wise) opened the first library in Rus and it operated in the temple.

        Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia of Kyiv are two of six sights in Ukraine, included to the UNESCO List of world inheritance.

Vitalii and Volodymyr Klychko

        Klychko brothers attained their goal and set the world record – two brothers became IBF, WBC, WBO and WBA champions in heavy gravimetric category simultaneously for the first time in history of the professional boxing.

        Apart from sport Volodymyr and Vitalii are engaged in public and humanitarian activity, have the social project "Fund of Klychko brothers".

Andrii Shevchenko

        Andrii Shevchenko is no less popular among the admirers of sport than the glorified boxers. 


        Andrii began his career in "Dynamo" Kyiv in 1994. Since then he repeatedly made the fans happy while playing in different clubs and National team of Ukraine, and got numerous sporting and state awards. The victory of "Milan" in UEFA Champions league in 2003 is the most valuable achievement of Andrii Shevchenko (Ukrainian footballer scored the final goal). In 2004 Andrii Shevchenko was awarded the “The Golden Ball” as the best football-player of the continent.

Oleh Blokhin and Ihor Bielanov

        Two more football stars from Dnipro banks were awarded the “The Golden Ball” – Ihor Bielanov (1988) and Oleh Blokhin (1975).



        The brilliant performance of National team of Ukraine at FIFA World Championship 2006, where our team reached the quarter finals, may be included to the asset of Oleh Bloknin, its coach.

         Talking about Kyiv, the list of the bright names can be continued by a whole pleiad of stars art, sport, sciences of world value: Kazymyr Malevych, Mykhail Bulgakov, Ihor Sikorskyi, Serge Lifar, Viktor Nekrasov, Valerii Lobanovskyi, Borys Paton, Milla Jovovich... All of them are part of the golden fund of our glorious city.